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About Us

Little Eagle has always been a talented musician

With extensive knowledge in recording and a graduate of Recording Arts of Canada in Toronto ON, this talented musician and designer puts his heart and soul into each project.

After asking himself quietly what needs a quiet place to sleep, Little Eagle had a vision of a Bear Cave - a connection to his Indigenous roots as a member of the Bear Clan.

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Our Mission

Support Indigenous Youth to start their businesses and thrive.

First Nation reserves are pieces of land that the Canadian government forced the Indigenous people onto. These reserves span all across Canada and these communities are generally very isolated.

Being a member of Mattagami First Nation, and having travelled, lived, and visited many reserves in his life, Little Eagle saw unrealized talent within most of the people that he met. From there, Bear Cave Silent Booths began to put together a mentorship program.

Bear Cave Silent Booths is an Indigenous business that stands on the foundation of the seven teachings. The seven teachings in Indigenous culture are wisdom, courage, love, truth, honesty, respect, and humility.

When you use your Bear Cave these teachings are it's foundation, just as the wood and material were needed to build it, so were the sacred teachings.

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