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The Bear Cave for your Indsutry

At Bear Cave Booths, we understand the importance of having a quiet and controlled environment for your work. Our Isolated Booths provide the perfect solution for podcasters, producers, voice overs, or anyone in need of a private and soundproof space. With our Bear Cave Silent Booths, we ensure you have the best acoustic experience possible.

Ventilation Systems

All booths come with a custom Bear Cave Silent Booths ventilation system and its design has three setting levels depending on your needs. If you're in the booth practising for hours on end, use the highest setting and get that air flowing (even at it's highest our system is quiet it only goes up 0.5 of a db). If you're doing recording or audio narration bring that setting down so that intake and outtake is still working for you but there's no hum bleeding into your recordings. 

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