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Take your Voice Over work to the next level

Vocal Booths for Voice Overs


The Evolution of Voice-over Recording

The Bear Cave Silent Booth has transformed voice-over recording by making top-quality audio accessible outside traditional studios. This shift has sparked a surge in demand for excellent recordings and opened doors for freelancers looking for high standards without a hefty budget.


Empowering Freelancers

These booths meet Audible's strict standards, ensuring noise levels below -60dB and peak thresholds under -3dB. They grant freelancers the tools to create studio-grade recordings independently, fostering a thriving freelance economy in the voice-over industry.


Unmatched Construction Quality

Constructed with one-inch-thick medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and SONOpan sound-dampening material, these booths exceed competitors in quality. They offer easy assembly, saving time, and providing portability while providing an optimal environment crafted by audio-savvy musicians for exceptional voice-over work.

4x6 double wall.jpg

" The booth is awesome! Totally loving it. I’ve been on air to England from it and everyone has said it sounds no different to the quality for the radio station studio "

Debbie - Oakville, ON
4'x4' double-wall booth

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