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Bear Cave Silent Booths are carefully crafted portable sound booths designed to deliver professional solutions for recording, VO and home office needs.

Each sound booth is constructed with the highest quality materials.  A Bear Cave sound booth will give you the db reduction you need for industry standard VO and recordings. In our double walled booths we use  SONOpan soundproofing materials for maximum sound isolation comparable to none. Our sound booths are easy to assemble; making them portable if you need to set up for sound isolation in another location. Whether you need a sound booth for music production, podcasting, voice-overs, or a quiet work space, Bear Cave Silent Booths has the solution.

Invest in you. invest in your work.

about us

Little Eagle has always been a talented musician. His dream has always been to play music. After getting together with his now girlfriend who is also a musician and wanted to record, his first sound booth that he built was for him to record her. They tore apart his apartment and he built his first sound booth without realizing it. Months later he quit his job and  invested in his business Bear Cave Silent Booths once he realized his unique talent for design and construction.

With extensive knowledge in recording and a graduate of Recording Arts of Canada in Toronto ON, this talented musician and designer puts his heart and soul into each project.

After asking quietly to himself what needs a quiet place to sleep, Little Eagle had a vision of a Bear Cave - a connection to his Indigenous roots as a member of the Bear Clan.

Having built each booth himself, they each hold the qualities of the 7 teachings.


Use your Sound booth for...

Music Recording, Voice Overs, Audio Narration, Conference Translation, Privacy, Broadcasting Podcasts, Music Practice, Portable Hearing Tests


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