Vocal Booth for Music Production

Vocal Booth for Producers

If you're into music production the Bear Cave vocal booth provides top quality performance as a vocal booth. Using a Bear Cave for your vocal booth will transform your music into industry standard.

A vocal booth is a must in the music industry. Our portable Bear Cave vocal booth is an industry standard solution for you right in your own home.

Vocal Booth Canada


Vocal Booth for Voice Overs

Voice Over work and audio narrations are in high demand and with that come the strict requirements for sound. Our vocal booths provide industry standard for Audible and all other platforms.

"noise floor @ -61db with my narration levels peaking around -3db max and -6 to -9db on average" 

- Miles Meili Voice Over Artist Toronto Ontario

Vocal Booth Canada

Vocal Booth for Voice Over Artists


Vocal Booth for Podcasters

Vocal Booths for podcasters are on the rise. Do you need a vocal booth or a sound booth for your new podcast? This industry is expanding and with noise from family and tv and outside noise podcasters find the Bear Cave a perfect solution to thriving at home with their podcast. A silent vocal booth solution.


Quiet Work Space

Quiet work space for a changing world. Office space for at home or for in the office. The Bear Cave is a great option for a private space or can be used as a cubicle. 

It can be used as a translation booth at conferences or simply be used for peace at home. A perfect home soundproof booth.

Sound Booth Canada

Sound Booth Canada


Sound Isolation Tests on a 4x4 double wall

1. stereo playing :

93db inside the booth as a baseline

60 db with the door closed right outside the booth

55 db @ 10 feet away 


2. vocals and an acoustic guitar

87db inside the booth as a baseline

51 db right outside with the door closed

47db 10 feet away


3. electric guitar with amp at max volume

121 db inside the booth as a baseline

89 db with the door closed right outside 

79 db 10 feet away

Sound Booth Canada

4 x 4 and 4 x 6.jpg