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Take your Voice OVER Work to the next Level


Voice Over Booth

A Bear Cave Silent Booth is the perfect voice-over booth for whatever work you need to accomplish. The ability for a person to record high-quality audio on their own, without a big studio, has brought an increase in competitiveness and demand for pristine voice-over recordings. Now is your opportunity to capitalize on this shift in the market. It no longer takes a tremendous budget to reach the top levels of the industry.

The increased ease of recording voice-over has created a growing freelance economy where you can take your business into your own hands. A Bear Cave Silent Booth can help you find your place in this world. Our booths meet the industry quality required by Audible and other platforms. Audible’s standards require the excess noise in your audio be less than -60dB while your peak does not exceed -3dB. You’ll find the isolation in our booths will allow you to perfectly set your audio to reach professional sound qualities.

A key to our success in achieving exceptional quality in a voice-over booth is the construction of each Bear Cave Silent Booth. We are the only company in the industry to use one-inch-thick medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Our double-walled units also use an innovative product called SONOpan, a high-grade sound-dampening material. This sets us ahead of industry competitors who can’t match our construction quality. The assembly of a Bear Cave Silent Booth is also much more straightforward than other booths. We save you a lot of time and hassle in the assembly process and open the opportunity for your booth to be portable if needed.

Bear Cave Silent Booths are created by musicians with an excellent understanding of audio. Whatever voice-over work you are pursuing will be of the highest quality when recorded in the environment of this voice-over booth.

4X4 Double Wall Booth

Voice-Over Sound Booth set up in Toronto for Tynan Rhea - @tynanrhea

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