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Bringing it back to our roots



Is to support and mentor Indigenous youth on and off reserves to start their own businesses and thrive.

First Nation reserves are lands where the Canadian Government relocated Indigenous peoples. These reserves are scattered across Canada, often in remote locations. As a member of the Mattagami First Nation, Little Eagle has travelled, lived and visited many reserves. He noticed untapped potential in the people he met. 

This realization inspired Bear Cave Silent Booths to create a mentorship program. With a passion for empowering Indigenous communities, our mission is to showcase their talent and nurture confidence and business skills in the youth. 

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Bear Cave Silent Booths is an Indigenous business that stands on the foundation of the seven teachings. The seven teachings in Indigenous culture are wisdom, courage, love, truth, honesty, respect, and humility.

When you use your Bear Cave these teachings are it's foundation, just as the wood and material were needed to build it, so were the sacred teachings.

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